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Here's Exactly What you Will Get Inside:

Limited Special Time Offer

Normal Price: ₦48,000/year

TODAY ONLY: ₦9,999 One Time Fee

Grab the Wazap Marketer software + FREE Bonuses Today!
One Time Payment – No Monthly fees Forever

Do you know Whatsapp is currently the world’s Most Commonly Used Direct Response Messaging app with Over 1.2 Billion Active users ?

What if I tell you that large and small scale business owners like you are now taking advantage of these huge audience on whatsapp currently to grow their business and increase their sales on a daily basis, using their mobile phone?

If you’re a business owner and you’re not taking advantage of these huge audience on Whatsapp right now to grow your business and increase sales, then you probably fall under one of these 3 categories below:


I never knew i could use Whatsapp to generate quality leads & sales for my business


All the Whatsapp marketing tools I’ve used in the past keeps banning my Whatsapp numbers & they require my computer to always stay ON.


I don’t have a computer so I need a Whatsapp marketing software I could use on my mobile phone
If you fall under any of the categories above, I will help you solve these problems forever!
My name is Justus Nwachukwu, just two years ago when I started my online journey in whatsapp marketing..I was dead broke with only 6,000 naira left in my zenith Bank account..

At that time I had created a fiverr course and was looking for possible ways to market the course online..I first tried Facebook ads, funded my ad account with 5k out of the 6,000 naira i was having in my zenith Bank account.. then started my first campaign, few hours later my ad got approved. The following day, I got hit by the almighty Nsukka hammer..You know what that means? my facebook ad account got banned with all my money gone!

I felt so angry, devastated and sad with no money left with me again..then i started looking for free possible ways to get people to buy my course..I tried so many things until I discovered one thing that changed everything for me..
Now I am able to reach my target audience quick in any niche on Whatsapp and literally sell off my info products & courses to them without having to spend money on Facebook ads again..and today I want to reveal this same Whatsapp marketing software to you too..
introducing..the Wazap Marketer pro
A powerful All in One cloud based Whatsapp marketing software that will help you generate New leads from whatsapp, engage your audience & boost your sales using your mobile phone.

Here’s Wazap Marketer Features in Detail

Still wondering how the wazap marketer software works? Below are the features in detail

WhatsApp Contacts Extractor

 If you do marketing on whatsapp you will agree with me that one of the biggest challenges whatsapp marketers face is mostly the issue of getting the phone contacts of people who are most likely going to be interested in their niche/line of business. 
eg:  assuming you’re selling a weight loss product, you will probably need to target & connect with people who are trying to loose weight and look sexy right?  and the only place to find these set of people fast on whatsapp is in whatsapp groups & this is where this software comes to play. With this contact extractor, you can target any whatsapp group of your choice and extract the contacts of all the members in just 1-click. A very great way to harvest real phone contacts for both whatsapp marketing & bulk SMS marketing.

Whatsapp Bulk Sender:

After extracting your audience contacts from targeted whatsapp groups, you may want to reach out to these people on a personal level(via DM), to let them know about your business, service/offers..and this is where this bulk message sender comes to play.


With this bulk sender module, you can send/schedule personalized bulk whatsapp messages to your contacts(existing customers) and also to the extracted numbers not saved in your contact list. This is a great way to drive automated free quality traffic from whatsapp to your website, landing page/offers for free..and best of all, you can also attach multimedia (videos, images, docs & links) to your bulk message campaigns.

Whatsapp Chatbot Creator

Whatsapp Chatbot is a new way to automate your business on whatsapp & boost customer engagement/retention
For instance, If you sell anything online or maybe you offer a service ( eg: ecurrency exchange, e-commerce, logistics, Data selling etc), people will from time to time hop into your whatsapp to make enquiries about your service, product or offer..and most of the time, you may not be online on whatsapp to respond to these messages or enquiries of your potential customers, and if you don’t respond on time they might end up buying from the next available vendor (your competitor). For this not to happen, you need to ensure you respond to their queries on time (i.e instantly)…and this is where the Wazap Marketer chatbot comes to play.
With this wazap chatbot creator, you can now create predefined keyword based chatbot replies to auto answer your customers queries on the fly based on their keywords, even when you’re sleeping. This will help you increase engagement, customer retention & boost your sales.

WhatsApp AutoResponder

The autoresponder feature lets you..

Use Multi Whatsapp accounts

Unlike the previous whatsapp sender software(s) you’ve used in the past that does not allow you to use more than 1 whatsapp account to send bulk message campaigns at the same time, this wazap marketer software let’s you add and use upto 10 Whatsapp accounts to schedule & send bulk whatsapp messages at the same time, create chatbots, autoresponder & more.. how cool is that?
 Now you don’t need to worry about being limited to using just only 1 whatsapp account to run your bulk whatsapp marketing campaigns you can add and use multiple whatsapp 
accounts (upto 10 whatsapp accounts) to schedule/send out your bulk whatsapp message campaigns to your target audience on whatsapp and drive massive human traffic to your landing page, optin page, order pages..etc. Sounds amazing right?

Built-in Anti Block System

One of the biggest problems most whatsapp marketers face in whatsapp Bulk message marketing is always the issue of “Number Ban”. You have tried so many whatsapp sender software in the past, but they keep banning your whatsapp lines whenever you finish sending bulk whatsapp messages..if this is you, then worry no more because this wazap marketer pro software comes with a built-in anti block system that keeps your whatsapp numbers 100% safe from Ban. You will wish you never used those whacky whatsapp sender tools you used in the past that got your Numbers banned by whatsapp.

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Limited Special Time Offer

Normal Price: ₦48,000/year

TODAY ONLY: ₦9,999 One Time Fee

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Limited Special Time Offer

Normal Price: ₦48,000/year

TODAY ONLY: ₦9,999 One Time Fee

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So, if for any reason within this 30 days you feel you didn’t like the Wazapmarketer software or the software did not work as promised on this page…simply open a ticket/dispute and i will REFUND your purchase in full and still let you keep the software + all the bonuses.. This means you have absolutely nothing to loose with your purchase today! 100% RISK FREE

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

See Questions our customers are asking below..

1. How will I get this software after i make my payment Now?

Immediately your payment is successful, you will be automatically redirected to the wazapmarketer members area where you access your software & bonuses – even if its 12:00 Midnight. Note: If you pay with paypal, BTC & Paystack, you will get instant access..but if you pay via bank transfer, your package will be sent to you manually via email.

2. Do I need a laptop or computer to run this software?

No, all you need is an Android mobile phone, your whatsapp accounts & your mobile internet connection. This is all you need to send bulk Whatsapp messages, extract phone contacts from groups, create Chatbots, autoresponder & more.

3. After i buy this software today, will I have to pay any additional yearly or monthly fees in the future?

No! It's One-time off purchase, No monthly renewal fees required (But you need to hurry up). Note: After this One Time Price offer expires, we will withdraw the free bonuses and anyone who comes in after the offer, will have to pay monthly (you need to hurry now before timer hits 00:00).

4. Will Whatsapp ban my numbers if I use this software?

Absolutely no, the software comes with a built in anti-block system that keeps your Whatsapp numbers 100% safe from ban.

5. How can I get real virtual phone numbers to create multiple whatsapp accounts for my promotions?

In the members only area, you will find a step by step video where i reveal how anyone can easily get real virtual phone numbers to create any country whatsapp account.

6. How many whatsapp accounts can I import and use in this wazap marketer software?

You can import and use upto 10 whatsapp accounts.

7. Can i use multiple whatsapp accounts to send out multiple Bulk whatsapp message campaigns at the same time?

Absolutely Yes!

8. Do I get free future updates after i buy this tool today??

Yes! You will receive over the air updates. Whenever we will release a new update, the software will automatically update to latest version. In this way you are always sure you are running the latest version of wazapmarketer.

9. Is there any video tutorials that will show us how to use the wazapmarketer software now?

YES! We have tutorial videos that walks you through how to use the software(step by step). See some of the tutorials here:

A Recap of Everything you Will Get Inside:

Hurry up!! This Offer Expires Soon!

Normal Price: ₦48,000/year

TODAY ONLY: ₦9,999 One Time Fee

Grab the Wazap Marketer software + FREE Bonuses Today!
One Time Payment – No Monthly fees Forever

This One Time Price

Offer Expires in..

Only ₦48,000 ₦9,999